About Head Squared Aquatics

Head Squared Aquatics specialises in everything pond related.

  • Slate Waterfall into pond
  • Lake Aerators and Dock
  • Waterfall Stream with Rocks
  • Pond with slate Edge
  • Large Concrete and Fibreglass lined pond
  • Lagoon pond
  • Pond Lighting

Who are we?

Head Squared Aquatics was formed in 2006 by brothers Timothy and Giles Head. It was created to give solutions to the many pond owners who felt their needs were not being supported within the aquatics industry. Our goal is to provide a high quality, personalised service to clients, and to create great quality, low maintenance pond systems.

Head Squared now operates a number of branches based in Oxfordshire, Leicestershire and Warwickshire. We cover much of England so please contact us to see how we can help with your pond.

Head Squared Aquatics is led by Giles Head (Chief Executive), a passionate Koi-keeper for many years. Giles was formerly Head of International sales and Marketing for Evolution Aqua, one of the most renowned Koi filter and product manufacturers in the world. Having travelled to many countries to see Koi shows and product launches, he brings a wealth of experience along with his passion, and this passion is clear to all those who work with him.

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