Franchising - Pond Business

Welcome to Head Squared Aquatics Pond Franchising. This section of the website sets out the basic information you need if you are considering applying to become a franchisee with us.

  • Slate Waterfall into pond
  • Waterfall Stream with Rocks
  • Pond with slate Edge
  • Large Concrete and Fibreglass lined pond
  • Large Multiple Ponds
  • Lagoon pond
  • Pond Lighting

Benefits of franchising

Franchising offers you the chance to run your own business. If you have a passion for aquatics and the desire to control your own destiny then this opportunity might be just what you are looking for. Be your own boss and see the fruits of your own labour arriving in your bank account and not that of someone else. You are free to choose your own hours and fit the business round your home life.

What is franchising?

Franchising is the granting of a licence by the franchisor to the franchisee, which enables the franchisee to trade under the trademark of the franchisor and to make use of the business systems, software, etc. to run a business based on the principles of the franchisor.

Franchising allows a person untrained in an area to open a new business using a tried and tested formula. This greatly increases the chance of the business becoming quickly successful and maintain this success for the lifetime of the business. It is a lower risk way of starting a business.

We currently have territories available across the UK so please:

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