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We are pond specialists and offer a full service solution for your pond and water garden needs in Leicestershire. Whether you are looking to build a new pond or upgrade an existing one we can help! Please see below for the services we can offer.

Lakes and Large Ponds

For Lakes and Large ponds we cover the Midlands, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire and most of mainland England.

Services we offer

Please see an overview of our services below. If what you are looking for is not set out below, do not despair. We carry out a wide range of pond services. Contact us to discuss your needs and see how we can help.

Lakes and Large Ponds
Lakes and Large Ponds

Head Squared Aquatics can create systems to manage pond weed, create a healthy lake environment and beautiful fountains to create an inspiring feature.

Pond Cleans
Pond Cleans and Maintenance

Head Squared offers a swift and easy pond cleaning service. A Head Squared clean will help keep your fish happier and healthier and give you a water feature to be proud of.

We also offer regular maintenance visits in Leicestershire and the surrounding areas: Leicestershire Pond Maintenance.

Pond relines and Fibreglassing

Head Squared Aquatics can offer a full range of professional reline services to give the best finish for your pond.

We can provide Butyl style liners, render or even great quality fibre-glass finishes.

Problem Solving
Pond Problem Solving

Head Squared has experience with many other problems which can arise relating to water features/ponds. Please contact us with your specific problem to see how we can help.

We can help with issues such as green / dirty water, filter problems, pond leaks, fish health issues, and many more.

Pond build
Pond Build

We can create ponds of all sizes from small garden ponds right up to large commercial water features and lakes.

Our teams can excavate and remove waste, specify all of the most modern equipment, line the interiors (using a variety of different materials from sheets to chemicals dependent on your preference), and leave you with a great system ready for use.

Filter Systems
Filter Systems / Upgrades

Head Squared Aquatics specialises in fitting new filtration systems for ponds and upgrading existing filter systems. From small systems for garden ponds, up to large advanced commercial filtration systems for large water features we do it all.

Our expert staff will spend time getting to know your pond and identify the ideal system for your needs. We can help ensure that your pond is a part of the garden to be enjoyed and proud of!

Free 1/2 hour

Offer! - Free 1/2 Hour Consultancy with First Site Visit

Enjoy a free half hour consultation1 with one of our pond experts when you book your first site visit with Head Squared Aquatics. Head Squared has experience with many problems which can arise relating to water features/ponds. (Please see common problems section of our website for more information). Struggling in vain with your filter setup, poor water clarity or high maintenance is a thing of the past. Our professional consultation service could not be more simple.

After our free consultation, we can supply an estimate (at no cost) for any works we would recommend for your pond. You can then make an informed decision on whether you would like to go ahead with any works making use of our thoroughly researched and industry leading, written estimates.

1 Terms apply. Please see Free 1/2 hour consultancy for full details.

Contact us to discuss your unique pond needs with one of our expert staff.

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