Pond Sub-Contracting Jobs - Why choose Head Squared Aquatics?

Pond Sub Contractors needed

We are looking for pond subcontractors to carry out sub-contracting site works. Winning work and dealing with clients can be time consuming and expensive. This is an area we specialise in. We have spent years developing software systems to help us manage clients, build quotes, order products and win work. This means we can efficiently source work for you to complete. Your role will be simple: organise yourself / staff to go onto site and do the work.

Vans and Machinery

How our Pond Sub Contractor Positions work

We believe that we are stronger working together. So you may find yourself working alone, with your own staff or with other teams working for Head Squared (dependent on the needs of the job). Your business will benefit from reduced costs and less wasted time chasing leads. Sub contracting is a great way to get more work the easy way.

Please check out our Sub contractor's Information pack for more information.

  • Focus on carrying out pond contractor jobs not winning them
  • No risk of spending time and money visiting ponds / chasing leads which may not result in any works
  • No need to worry about dealing with client phone calls, emails, etc.
  • No problems chasing suppliers to get the right parts delivered on time
  • We manage cashflow, so you don’t need to worry about paying for parts to be fitted
  • Receive prompt payment. We manage client payments so you don’t have to
  • Less paperwork and time spent in the office quoting for work
  • Work for us as much or as little as you need to suit your schedule
  • Joining our list of approved pond subcontractors is free!

  • Software Systems
  • Software Systems
  • Software Systems
  • Software Systems

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