Activity Lake - Safe Aeration

  • Air Driven System fitted to a Golf Lake
  • Air Driven System from Above and below
  • Underwater picture of Air Driven System

If you have a canoeing lake/raft building lake but don't want electrical driven aerators in the water with people, this is not a problem. We have worked with a number of canoeing lakes and holiday camps where people enter the water for leisure purposes. We totally understand the desire to maintain a safe distance between power and water where people are involved.

You can still fit a great aeration system that ensures your water quality stays at its best. We offer a system that is driven purely on air. Air diffusers are placed on the base of the lakes and there is a specially designed compressor that drives air to each diffuser. The compressor sits outside of the water/on the bank and is in no way contacting the water.

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Activity Lake - Safe Aeration

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Safe System for Great Water Quality

These systems work brilliantly for maintaining healthy water - we know this as many of the lakes we have supplied this system have to be tested for e-coli and the like to ensure safe water for people to use. Where lakes had previously been closed in hot weather due to poor water quality, they now stay open due to the addition of this air driven solution.

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