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Why choose Head Squared Aquatics for your pond consultancy franchise business? At the time of writing Head Squared Aquatics runs the only pond consultancy franchise business in the UK. As market leaders in this field we offer opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else in the UK.

For years the pond consultancy business has been based around small one-man businesses doing the best they can for their clients. There is a lot of information for how to achieve clear water, keep fish healthy and create great looking ponds, but unfortunately much of it is contradictory. So how do you get started in the pond consultancy market when the information is unclear and there are no really suitable college courses offering training for pond consultants?

The answer is to apply to join Head Squared Aquatics. We offer full training to new franchisees so you can separate the facts from the myth. We have many years experience in the market and ensure that you start helping clients from your first day in operation.

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We understand that you don't want to spend all your time doing paperwork when you could be out working on ponds. That is why we have spent years developing state of the art web-based software to help manage these tasks. Invoicing, quotes, quantity surveys, product ordering and shipping, automatic letter writing and the like, are all taken care of using an online interface which can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection.

Training is provided to ensure that you can meet with clients, specify the most appropriate system and fit that system. We also offer a telephone help-line where you need that little extra information. If you are interested in franchising, please contact us to request more information.

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