We can help with the clean up of industrial lagoons

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Yes, we have experience of helping to clean up industrial lagoons. We were contacted by a large Gin manufacturer who had been ordered by the Environment Agency to clean up their run off lagoons prior to allowing the water to enter the local water network.

The lagoons were used for washout and had a number of chemicals that needed 'gasing off' and also some potato peel floated around. This meant the aerator had to be able to grind its way through potato peel. We specified an amazing industrial aerator that not only macerated the potato peel but also cleaned up the lagoon extremely quickly. Testing showed when the water was safe to be released. and as the unit floats, they move it between 2 lagoons.


Industrial Lake Clean Up

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Clearing a Lake/Pond for Safe Water

Whilst one lagoon is being used to wash down into, the other is being 'gassed off' using our unit. Once the water is deemed fit for release, the unit is moved to the alternate lagoon to start cleaning up the water. The previous lagoon is then washed into.

This system has also proved to work for industrial environmental solutions companies where they wash down vehicles into lagoons. The high standard of manufacture of our systems (18 gauge/316 stainless steel impeller), which far outweigh our competitors, means they can be used in harsh environments. They can also work in water as shallow as 81 cm. They also have the lowest running cost in the industry (independently tested) and the highest transfer rate of dissolved oxygen per horsepower per acre.

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