Mr Barber's New Build Formal Pond

Mr Barber's New Build Formal Pond

Prior to our first visit the pond edges had no structure and the result was stones falling in and puncturing the liner. There was a poor filtration system which was high maintenance. Head Squared Aquatics created a structurally sound feature, which was attractive and lined professionally. The decorative edge was finished with the clients desired slabs which we hope you agree leaves a clean/attractive formal pond. The filtration supplied by us is low maintenance and promotes clear water. The water returns over a beautifully finished waterfall covered with rocks to enhance the natural look desired. The pond now can be managed/accessed safely from all sides. The filter and electrics are all easily accessible for keeping the pond at its best.

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The project:
Mr Barber's New Build Formal Pond

Tasks in project:
Pond-build filter lining

2 April 2009

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