Pond Filter System and Upgrades

  • Pond filter system
  • Pond filter system
  • Pond filter system
  • Pond filter system
  • Pond filter system
  • Pond filter system
  • Pond filter system

Head Squared Aquatics specialises in fitting new filtration systems for ponds and upgrading existing filter systems. From small systems for garden ponds, up to advanced filtration systems for large water features we do it all. Our expert staff will spend time getting to know your pond and identify the ideal system for your needs. We provide training and filter maintenance guides to ensure you can keep your pond at its best all year round. We can help ensure that your pond is a part of the garden to be enjoyed and proud of!

We offer pressurised filter systems, green water removal, easy-maintenance, advanced pond filtration systems, amongst others. Please see the list below of systems we commonly fit:

  • Easy maintenance pond filter systems
  • Green water eradicator systems
  • Oxygenation systems
  • Custom-built systems to meet your pond's specific needs
  • Full professional fitting service
  • Good fish stocking capacity
  • Professional pond clean usually included in price
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Pond Filtration and Upgrades

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Low Maintenance Pond Filters

We offer a range of filter systems which can be placed above or below ground level. Some of our filters can be cleaned by turning a couple of valves; the system then cleans the filter for you. Our systems incorporate modern, low-maintenance technology. The filters themselves reduce work spent cleaning, provide good water clarity and allow good fish stocking levels and feed rates.

Contact us to discuss your unique pond needs with one of our expert staff.

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