Pond Filter Problems

  • Slate Waterfall into pond
  • Lake Aerators and Dock
  • Waterfall Stream with Rocks
  • Pond with slate Edge
  • Large Concrete and Fibreglass lined pond
  • Lagoon pond
  • Pond Lighting

There are some wonderful myths about pond filtration which put a smile on some of the industry professionals' faces. Many of the filters sold by aquatics shops and garden centres will be box filters. These box filters will normally claim they can maintain a larger capacity of water than is possible in real world conditions. The truth is, no box filter full of sponge will keep a lake clean, whatever you may hear otherwise. It will block in a short space of time and leave you with weekends getting wet and cold to maintain your filter and rinse out those sponges by hand.

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Pond Filter Problems

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Filter Problems - The Solution

Whether you have inherited a pond or have built one yourself, you may find that niggling feeling that the water is not crystal clear as you wished and that the time spent looking after the pond is not time well spent. Don't despair as help is at hand. At Head squared Aquatics we understand all the filter systems available. We can advise whether your filter is simply not set up correctly or whether it is not adequate for the purpose it was intended. All may not be lost, we may be able to incorporate your existing system with slight modifications or a small add-on may make all the difference.

For independent advice which could re-vitalise your passion for water and leave you with a great, low maintenance filter system please contact us for a chat. We can also source all products and deliver them to you at competitive prices or provide a fitting service on site if you want that extra peace of mind.

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