Pond Leaks and Water Losses

  • Slate Waterfall into pond
  • Lake Aerators and Dock
  • Waterfall Stream with Rocks
  • Pond with slate Edge
  • Large Concrete and Fibreglass lined pond
  • Lagoon pond
  • Pond Lighting

Does your pond water level drop more quickly than evaporation alone? Have you tried everything to find that annoying leak but just can't fathom where it could be? Whether butyl liner, render, fibreglass or any one of the other products on the market, a pin hole can cause a large amount of water to leak when under pressure. If your pond is leaking and you are worried that either fish will die or your pond pump may burn out, please contact us for a site visit. For serious leaks we will endeavour to make a same day visit.

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Pond Leaks and Water Losses

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