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Many of the complaints about low-cost pond safety nets in the UK relate to tensile strength and longevity. Low-cost nets may tear easily and degrade in sunlight (due to UV). The perforations are usually small, causing plants to struggle to grow or become damaged. It is also extremely difficult to fit these nets correctly as stretching them to fit them tight can cause them to rip. For larger ponds or ponds without structural edges a Safety Grid may offer the best solution.

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Pond Safety Nets

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Head Squared Aquatics' pond net system

Head Squared Aquatics have sourced nets based on the same technology as fishing nets for large trawlers. Not only do these have excellent tensile strength properties (to help prevent ripping), but they are robust and have high UV stability. The system can be cut and fitted to measure by an experienced DIY`er or we have professional fitting teams that can fit these perfectly in no time. The net can also be removed and replaced as required.

The net is strong enough to take the weight of a person if fitted correctly, so acts as a safety mesh (although for best levels of safety we advise that any person of a vulnerable disposition, not be left by a pond alone even if covered correctly).

The perforations in the net are large enough to allow plants space to grow and thrive, and to not act as an enticement for children to climb on. The net is UV stable and will last years without showing signs of degradation. Finally, the net is fitted structurally using aesthetically pleasing fittings. This means that the net can be removed in seconds by an adult, but that the tensile strength used during fitting should stop children from being able to remove it.

Head squared Aquatics feels that this is one of the safest pond safety nets in the world. We would strongly advocate it for any pond that needs protections for fish from predation, for children / vulnerable persons's safety, combined with simple removal capabilities and an aesthetically pleasing finish.

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