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Yes, sadly a few years ago, a local trout fishing club lost all of their fish in a hot summer overnight. Although they had aerators, they were the paddle type which are not very efficient. Warmer water can sustain much lower levels of dissolved oxygen than cool water; this in conjunction with the aquatic plants reverse photosynthesising in the dark (taking dissolved oxygen back) meant that the largest inhabitants in the water suffered. In this case, all of the trout perished and floated to the surface. Whilst the summer was extreme for the UK, the higher temperatures are predicted to continue.


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What did Head Squared Aquatics do to help?

We analysed the power circuit at the site to uncover that the amperage available was quite low. With this in mind, we designed a system that would aerate the majority of the lake, allow for safe zones for fish to swim to in hot weather and also allow for the aerators to be moved around the lake as needed. Whilst it wasn't the perfect solution, in over five years since fitting, they have lost no more fish due to low dissolved oxygen levels and they test these levels daily.

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