Why maintain a pond?

  • Vacuuming of Pond
  • Quartz Sleeve Spares
  • Commercial Pond Vacuum

Pond Maintenance Services

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By choosing Head Squared Aquatics for your pond maintenance, we can help reduce the stress of maintaining a pond and leave you with more time to enjoy these great features! The number of visits you choose will reflect the time you have to tend to your feature. We offer pond maintenance across the Midlands (Leicestershire, Warwickshire and beyond) and Oxfordshire.

With regular visits our expert staff will often spot issues before they become serious problems. We include a Multi-Point Safety Check with our packages. This includes checking electrical wiring is safely connected, and tightening all clips, fittings and valves on a regular basis to help prevent these from coming loose and causing your pond to pump itself dry! This an extremely concerning and potentially dangerous situation for the inhabitants of the pond.

We use the most advanced computer systems to enable us to manage hundreds of ponds across the country. These ensure we can organise visits and provide the highest service levels possible. With other pond businesses you may feel that pond maintenance is a chore that your contractor would rather avoid; with us, pond maintenance is at the heart of what we do.

Professional Pond Maintenance Systems

Being able to manage a large number of ponds over the course of the season is a tough job. The paperwork alone can swamp a small business. However, this is where we thrive. We have developed a custom-built web app to manage looking after hundreds of ponds. Our systems will identify the correct UV bulbs, quartz sleeves and lamps to ensure that every season your pond gets a great start. It will send you an invite allowing you to select your preferred schedule for the season; you can choose the number of visits to suit your needs rather than needing to accept visits every x weeks as is the norm for the industry. This helps ensure we keep every pond looking at its best all year round whilst keeping within your budget. Without great systems, this level of flexibility is just not possible. We are proud to use Business Liferaft to ensure that everyone can get a great, customised service for their pond.

Business Liferaft - Pond Business Management Software

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Green Water Removal and Pond Weed Treatment

We will find, supply and fit many of the parts which need changing on a regular basis (such as UV Bulbs and Sleeves); so there is no need to go through the documentation trying to work out which parts are compatible with your filter system! Our staff can also apply pond weed treatments whilst maintaining your pond to help ensure that in addition to helping keeping green water at bay, you can also know that the problems of rampant weed growth is no more! Filters and pumps will be stripped and serviced thoroughly, making sure all parts and connections are secure / sealed and working correctly.

Our staff will use a specialist pond vacuum to help keep on top of waste build up at the bottom, will skim the pond surface to remove floating waste, and will also take care of cleaning your filter and pump. Depending on the time of year, plants will be dead headed / pruned and any waste removed from the baskets.

Our existing clients love the convenience and professionalism we provide with our pond maintenance service. This is an excellent way to help keep a healthy pond all year round with less fuss, and can help to reduce overall annual costs. People choose the maintenance option for the same reasons that they would service a car; it offers peace of mind at a reduced rate compared with dealing with major issues which can result from improper maintenance.

  • Expert filter system servicing from our trained staff
  • Pond Weed treatments
  • Clip and fixing tightening to prevent sudden water loss
  • Multi-Point Safety Check
  • Replacement parts fitted free of charge (no need to dig through documentation to try to find compatible parts)
  • Regular, consistent service for your pond
  • Expert knowledge of the best products for the water in your area

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