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Pond maintenance package requirements

The requirements below must be met to join one of our standardised pond maintenance packages. If these requirements are not met a customised package may be required (please contact us us to discuss your specific needs).

  • The pond must be within one of our regional routes
  • The pond must have been approved by a Consultant to be able to join a given package
  • Waste can be deposited onsite (within 20 metres of pond) or will be left in refuse sacks next to the pond for removal
  • A garden hose can be connected to, no more than 30m from the pond
  • A safe three point plug must be made available to our staff for the duration of the works (failure to provide electricity will result in loss of any services requiring this)
  • Direct access to pond from road at least 1m wide (travel through the house may be subject to a surcharge)
  • Subject to our normal contract: terms

Other points to note

We note that the pond may be slightly murky / cloudy after our visits as some treatments may take a few days to clear, and waste removal will stir particles into solution for a short while.

After a major pond clean your pond will undergo 'new pond syndrome' for a number of weeks before stabilising a balanced pond ecosystem once more.

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