How to control Aquatic Plants in Lakes

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Is it true that I can use the splash and current from aerators/mixers to help to control the spread of vegetation in my lake?

Yes, this is very true. If you observe aquatic plants in their natural environment (a river or stream for example), they will predominantly reside in the low flow/still zones. This is because it takes an awful lot of their energy to bolster their root and plant structures to withstand the high flow. They will naturally pass their energy through the root structure with the point of lowest resistance.


Controlling Aquatic Plants in Lakes

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Using Aeration to control plant growth

Understanding this allows us to design aerator/mixing systems that will help to maintain the boundaries of the plants in your lake without killing them. It can be quite expensive to pay for companies to enter the water in drysuits or on a machine to cut these plants. If this happens, they will usually grow back more aggressively like a hedge. You can then find yourself with annual bills that rise for the cost of cutting and trimming.

One of our specially designed systems can be used to improve water quality, reduce silt build up and keep the aquatic plants in the area you desire without excess spreading. Who knew it could be this easy?

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